Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Automatic Writing #16

'If I let my mind wander I find myself within a thorn bush, the thorns inches from my skin. Cold and shining with moisture they are joyfully enriched with a green and red blush. 

Thick stems dig deep into the earth, forcing the earth apart, spreading its roots far underground. I meditate in this place feeling safe touching the aura of nature. Returning to the ghost I left behind years ago I wonder if she knew I was leaving. Did she try to cling to the tea set as I walked out of the door for the final time. Did she ever want to find me? 

Sunlight breaks through the tangle of thorns creating a halo around each eyelash, as if my eyes are shrouded in golden frost.  No sounds of people,  just birds and the distant greeting of a fox. My breath is misting in front of me warming my face and gathering on the downward facing thorns to drip a trail down my bare arms.

The sharp aroma of stringent greenery, dark spiced earth and a ripe bitterness is intoxicating and lulls me to sleep. I awake to watch the sun sliding to the horizon and I think about my own roots, my past that stays with me like a burn, ridged and white, all down my back. I know the taste of poison and the heaviness of lies but as I sit in this cradle of thorns nothing is of any value any more. The faces of people are nothing, all that is, is here and now and the moon above me carrying my thoughts away.'

Hi everyone, 

It's a very wet mid November day here in Yorkshire and I thought this piece was very apt - not that I'm complaining I quiet like the cold. 

I wrote this last year, last November actually. I tried to mold this piece which I called 'Thorn Bush' into a flash fiction or poem for 'Alchemy' but it refused to be tamed so I thought I'd share it in it's raw state (with a tiny bit of editing) as an Automatic Writing and see what you all thought. 

I recently did an interview for a blog with a feature called 'Awesome Indies' - I'll let you know when that's on. 

Last Tuesday I went to watch 'Bill Bailey - Limboland' :D it was a fantastic night and a lovely night out with the hubby. Are there any other Bill Bailey fans that read my blog?

Also I realised that I haven't shared a picture of Tomas for a while so here you go... enjoy! I've named it 'Mr November' lol

Happy Tuesday 

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